What do people say about us?

“Today I am feeling grateful and wanted to express gratitude to your social group.

Joining the Adventures is like diving into the deep end – facing social fears and pushing past one ‘s comfort level. It is like a light along the path. I feel ‘human animals’  thrive better in ‘packs’  and are not meant to lead solitary, isolated lives.

One of the facilitators best described the group by talking about his joy at bringing people together.

Thank you for providing us with opportunities to be with others at our own pace and comfort level and individual interests.

Joy for the journey.”


“…the truly special part that I found were the members.  There were so many terrific people and the relaxed atmosphere of the Club.  Compared to the bar scene and other so called Singles services…this is the place!”

“I really miss the warm people at Adventures – and I will be back.

I want to thank you for the incredible few years I have had. You have helped and guided so many people to be a catalyst for positive change in their lives, including myself.

When I joined a few years ago, I knew I had a lot of work to do. I was fresh out of a relationship and I was hurting. I needed to laugh and rediscover myself again.

Adventures and your warm guidance really helped me to do that.”


Dear Ray,

Thirty odd years ago, near the beginnings of your wonderful enterprise, I joined Adventures and found a safe and nurturing place in which to heal from the trauma of the past and grow in confidence.   The many activities and awesome group of fellow Adventurers made re-joining the world of being single comfortable and was filled with good times and camaraderie.   Eventually I found good friends, many who remain friends to this day, and moved on in life.

Unfortunately, life dealt me another re-entry into the world of singles and even though I remembered how well Adventures had helped me make that first transition I was again quite unsure and nervous about my recent ( April 2016) re-joining.  However your wonderful organization took me in and cured me of that nervousness and provided, again, a safe and congenial world in which to regain optimism and confidence.

Thank you for your over 30 years of providing that safe haven for Winnipeg singles.  I have twice benefitted immensely from your work and am forever thankful for the existence of Adventures For Successful Singles.

I’m happy to say I am again ‘moving on’, but will forever be grateful for, and never forget to mention Adventures as one of Winnipeg’s most civilized, genteel, and safe environments for ’newly single’ Winnipeggers.


“I feel so thankful that I have found the “Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends” program.  Thank you for challenging us to be our best…because it truly is within ourselves to discover.”

“Thanks to Adventures, I am now ready to participate in my future not fear it. To those I’ve met…”Thank you for accepting me and caring for me when I needed it most.”

“I love the camaraderie and new friendships I have found as a member of your wonderful club.  Thanks so much!”

“As a result of joining Adventures, I have found love with a very genuine and kind man.  He even cooks!”

Ray, I am deeply appreciative of all the relationship/life advice and guidance received through all the sessions and activities I participated in, including the Rebuilding Course. You are outstanding and I am certain you have positively transformed many lives through your important work. Your and Linda’s hospitality was wonderful. Thank you!