This is what we do and believe.
What is a successful single?  It’s a question I’m often asked.

Here at Adventures it has nothing to do with money or professional status.  Our definition of successful is any single person who is ready to meet other singles, make friends of both sexes, take up the challenge of improving their social life, and generally have more fun.

In our highly individualistic and mobile society, thousands of single, divorced and widowed people find themselves isolated.  Adventures was started and is designed to bring those people together 
through numerous activities. We organize weekly socials, dinner dances, sporting activities, theatre outings, brunches, and group dinners to meet your social needs.

We also offer a wide range of personal growth seminars to meet your unique needs.

The individual search for suitable friends and partners can be frustrating.  Initial contacts are often elusive.  As Adventures has proven over and over again, you can  find new friends and they’re in the crowds around you.  All you need is a way to meet them.

We provide many ways to new and lasting friendships and in many cases,
 romance and/or marriage.  We are NOT a dating service, although dating is a part of developing relationships.  We function only to bring people together.

We are dedicated to helping people establish and develop lasting friendships of all kinds.  Many of our members 
who came to Adventures with marriage, remarriage
 or other long term arrangement as their goal have been fortunate to find someone special.
  Is there any better way to leave the Club?  We congratulate you and wish you the best!

People really do need people … we all grow and thrive on our personal interrelationships.
  The great fun is that we are not all cast from the same mold. Our likes and dislikes are different, 
our attitudes and values unique.  It is fun to explore those differences but you may just find someone who likes the same things you do – someone special, who makes you happy, fulfills your needs 
and gives you long-lasting inner satisfaction.

Through our activities / programming  you will meet more fun, single, highly compatible people in one year than you probably have met in your entire life – people who meet your specific needs and desires,
 who share your interests and who match your social and cultural values. Who can ask for better?

Ray Antymis
PresidentAdventures for Successful Singles  



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