Members Only Event

WHEN:   Sunday (of course) at 12:00


December 16th

Moxie’s @ Polo Park

Alice (204) 284-7824

Feasting with friends – an excellent way to socialize with friends you’ve met at Adventures, to meet new members or reconnect with those you haven’t seen for a while.

Usually 10-15 attendees for Sunday Brunch. Membership card required.

Some restaurants have seating limits so members are encouraged to contact the Coordinator early in the week to reserve seating. No reservations will be accepted after 10:00 a.m. on Sunday.

Restaurants provide brunchers with separate bills and tip.

For information about a restaurant, please call the host/hostess directly.

For information on being a host/hostess, call  Alice at 204.284.7824.

CLICK HERE  for upcoming brunches.

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